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The Full Story


Knowlie was born out of necessity to tackle the growing mental health crisis. Our mission is to bring wellness to the masses in the form of an app that’s free, customizable, and anonymous. The current one size fits all approach to wellness is built to treat diagnoses, not individuals. Knowlie provides content ranging from mindfulness and meditation, to art therapy, gardening, music therapy, and yoga. Knowlie is your place to discover and save what works for YOU. Knowlie is discreet wellness designed for the masses. Catered to YOU.  

Image by Jennifer Uppendahl

Why the Raccoon?

Aside from being a cute but misunderstood creature, raccoons are known for their intellect, adaptability, and resilience. The raccoon is the scrappy little animal that could. A beautiful survivor, a perfect representative for Knowlie.

Why the Name?

Knowlie is a catchy play on the word “knowledge” (something we hope to impart on our users). It’s also the affectionate nickname Co-founder Frank and his wife Ashley have given their young son Nohl AKA Nohlie who’s been a part of several meetings.

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