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The Team


Frank DiPadua

Co-Founder + Marketing 

Knowlie is our answer to the chronically failing mental health system. The idea isn’t the result of focus groups or peer reviews, but actual experience. Knowlie is an individual focused alternative to the clinical one size fits all approach. Our users are treated as humans, not patients.    

My Wellness Toolbox 

Paul McDonald

Co-Founder + Tech

I love to build stuff. When Frank approached me about his idea to create Knowlie, my mind immediately jumped to ‘how do we build it’? And I can honestly say that, so far, assembling Knowlie ‘brick by brick’ has been one of the great joys of my life. Knowlie aims to bring happiness and connectivity to the world in a peaceful and non-stigmatized way, which truly hasn’t been done before. We are in the wellness business first and foremost, and I think that above all else this is the motivation to keep on building.

My Wellness Toolbox 

Halftone Rocket
Illustrated Swimmer
Big Tree
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